Suzanne Amanor-Wilks

Suzanne Amanor-Wilks who is an MNRI® Instructor and Consultant, has been involved in this work since 2003. Since 2010, she has been teaching large groups of professionals and medical and paramedical therapists the theory and practice of MNRI® reflex integration. She is involved in successful private practice where she sees a diversity of clients with various challenges. Also, serving as Neurodevelopmental Specialist with the Integrative Team for Children with Challenges (ITCC) in Minnesota, USA, Suzanne collaborates with a team of doctors taking a holistic, synergistic approach to addressing children’s challenges.

Suzanne has a dynamic 20 year international career reflecting pioneering experience on the cutting edge of ideas and trends in both Education and Neurodevelopment. She is highly trained under the supervision of Dr Svetlana Masgutova, the creator of this work, in working therapeutically with children with challenges and has attended MNRI® camps as an experienced MNRI® Core Specialist responsible for Reflex Repatterning protocols and parent education. She is passionately committed to disseminating the knowledge and awareness of the MNRI® method. She is equally comfortable training both the medical and the non-medical community. She works extensively with autism, ADHD, neurological challenges, adopted children and with many emotional-behavioural challenges.