Anatomy workshop 3 – The Secret of the Power System II

This workshop is for all therapists that work with the human body and focusses on the muscles in the lower body.

Learn, refresh and gather new information on the skeletal muscle groups, their position, muscles in each group together with their nerve and blood supply.  Understand the main function of the muscle groups and the bones, joints and ligaments they interact with.  Study the bony components, structure, movement, nerve and blood supply of the pelvis, hip, hip joint, thigh, knee, leg ankle and foot.  Explore the plexuses, their positions, spinal cord segments, nerve branches involved and the structures supplied by the plexuses.

By applying this knowledge you can better understand function and dysfunction in the body, customise and adapt your therapeutic approach to accommodate limited mobility in clients due to injury or dysfunction and therefore improve general health and life quality through your therapy.


Attendance of the first workshop, The Inside Story, or having completed other Anatomy courses. Please contact us if you would like to know whether your prior Anatomy course will enable you to attend this workshop without having to attend the first workshop.