Anatomy workshop 1 – The Inside Story

Photo by Meta Zahren on Unsplash

This one day anatomy workshop is aimed at therapists that work with the human body or those interested in entering the field of hands on therapy. The anatomical planes and positions is a universal language used by all medical professions across borders and languages. When this uniform reference system is used in class setting, group therapy sessions, reports or articles, it ensures clear communication about a specific reference point in the body without leaving room for miscommunication or error.

This workshop will also explore Osteology, the study of the skeleton and bony structures. Although the skeletal structure is often only seen as bone it is what gives shape and structure to our bodies, allows for movement and locomotion, plays a role in respiration, immunity, homeostasis and it protects vital organs. The skeletal system also provides landmarks for deeper tissue and organs, allowing therapists to locate specific soft tissue areas without much guessing and prodding. Understanding the types of bones and their connections allows the therapist to understand the movement associated with the bone and infringement on that movement caused by injury, illness, disabilities or age related deterioration.

In the workshop, the anatomical planes and positions as well as introductory Osteology is covered.  In the second half of the workshop participants are encouraged to go to the dissection room and lay out a bag of bones that is given to them. There will also most likely be a time where a cadaver will be shown to participants. This is optional, however.


The only prerequisite for this workshop is a matric certificate. However, in special cases, this prerequisite can be waved, depending on the situation.