Anatomy workshop 5 -Neuroanatomy II

This workshop is for all therapists that work with the human body.

The workshop is aimed at better understanding the adult brain through investigation of the positioning and function of the most important elements of the brain.  Students will get the opportunity to study the osteology of the scull and vertebra column.

Gain information for understanding the ventricular system,  formation and circulation of cerebrospinal fluid.    

Study the meninges system, its structure and functions.

Look at the blood vessels with in the above mentioned structures and systems.

More in-depth knowledge will be gained about 12 cranial nerves.

Therapists will gain deeper understanding about internal cranial pressure,  courses that can lead to change in the pressure and identify symptoms of those changes.


Attendance of the first workshop, The Inside Story, or having completed other Anatomy courses. Please contact us if you would like to know whether your prior Anatomy course will enable you to attend this workshop without having to attend the first workshop.