MNRI® Tactile System Integration

course overview

The MNRI® Tactile Integration program uses neuro-tactile techniques to stimulate different receptors in the skin, working to appropriately engage and integrate the tactile sensory system within the complete mind/body system. The purpose of Tactile Integration is to optimize the brain stem, relax defensive reflexes, and open the entire system to an experience of safety from which trust can grow and healthy development can proceed.

The MNRI Tactile Integration course explores:

  •  The general MNRI Method and role played by the Tactile Integration Program
  • Tactile integration and how it relates to motor reflexes and other important body systems
  • The neurophysiologic and psychological dynamics of the tactile system
  • The role tactile integration plays in establishing a foundation for motor, communication and cognitive development, and emotional and behavioural regulation
  • MNRI techniques designed to assess, activate, and integrate tactile sensitivities
  • How to create & incorporate use of MNRI tactile integration programs & course content for individual clients & for home practice