MNRI® Archetype Reflex Movement Integration

course overview

Archetype Reflex Movement Integration Program techniques work to activate and engage archetype movements that, for various reasons, have remained dormant in the body. Archetype reflex movements, less complex in nature than motor reflex patterns or schemes, are among the first motor reflexes to develop and emerge. Once engaged, archetype reflex movements remain present and active in the body, allowing normal range and flexibility of motion while providing support, balance, and stability for the upper and lower, left and right, and front and back parts of the body. Archetype motor reflex movements also play a subordinate role in the maturation and integration of progressively more complex reflexes, including primary motor reflex patterns, motor reflex schemes, and the development of learned motor skills

The Archetype Reflex Movement Integration course explores:

  • The general MNRI Method® and the role played by the Archetype Movements
  • How Archetype Movements relate to primary motor reflex patterns
  • The role archetype motor movements play in establishing a foundation for development and regulation
  • MNRI® techniques to assess and facilitate the maturation and integration of archetype movements